Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits

IGAL membership provides a global forum for the professional exchange of ideas, firm management, and social interaction. Additionally, firms are able to avail themselves to national legal, accountancy and auditing services of the highest international standard.
IGAL seeks to further expand its global coverage by extending membership to firms that:

• adhere to the highest standards of ethics and professionalism.

• are well established in their national or regional markets.

• are members in good standing with their respective professional associations.

• maintain adequate professional liability insurance coverage.

• actively provide services to international clientele with cross-border business needs.

• are committed to promoting IGAL membership awareness throughout their firm.

• conduct business in their local language, as well as English, the official language of IGAL.
Primary IGAL representatives must commit to routinely participating in network conferences and activities. Each year IGAL members are asked to meet for our International Annual Conference, held in various locations throughout the world. Additionally, we encourage members to join us at our highly popular Midterm Meeting to capitalize on networking opportunities that serve to deepen personal and professional bonds.
IGAL largely offers exclusive jurisdiction to members; however, this is dependent on the nature and size of the city or country represented. In a limited number of larger jurisdictions where we currently have representatives, IGAL will consider additional member firms.
New members pay a one-time initiation fee, which is allocated towards a mandatory on-site office visit by IGAL. Additionally, current annual membership dues are as follow:
1 Partner £810
2-3 Partners £1 023
4-8 Partners £1 388
9+ Partners £1 607
One off Inscription Fee £1 375
Additional offices in Overseas countries where the professional is licensed to practice, £400 per additional office.