The Testimonials

"Although our intention in joining IGAL was to develop business ties with professionals of the highest caliber, during the 2006 conference it became clear that the bonds formed through IGAL transcend business."
"It is with great pleasure that I was able to take part in the 2005 IGAL Annual Conference in Paris , where I was received with extreme amiability by all participants. Additionally, I had the opportunity to meet professionals of the highest level and learn more about business models that will certainly add value to our firm’s expansion goals."
"As a small law firm in the , IGAL membership allows my firm to directly compete with larger firms in providing international services for clients, while still maintaining autonomy and value-added client services. At our first IGAL conference, my wife and I immediately felt a genuine sense of camaraderie with IGAL members and their families. I have been impressed by how members answer business inquiries in a timely yet friendly manner, as well as their openness to exchange information and provide insights into firm management. Our IGAL membership has proven to be an excellent business investment."
"We are thankful to IGAL for admitting Vikas Kochhar & Associates at their 2005 International Annual Conference in Paris , allowing us to become a true member of the global IGAL family. Our objective was to extend our global reach in a manner that would provide us with the requisite depth to best serve the ever-growing international needs of our clientele."
"The senior partner of Carey AG, I was also a member of the former ICC for nearly 20 years. As such, when that organization merged with the former IGL to form IGAL in 2004, I was immediately interested in membership with the new network. My main reasons for joining IGAL were personal friendship, the potential to benefit from extensive know-how and expanded business opportunities. I have not been disappointed and look forward to our continuing growth with IGAL."
"At Audit Alliance , we share IGAL’s passion to hit the ground running, seize the opportunity, and make things happen."

Who We Are

IGAL has developed into a leading business network of legal and accounting firms whose members offer superior services related to legal, financial, tax and insolvency matters to companies and individuals with international activities; as well as expert and personal assistance to reduce the obstacles of doing business in a foreign environment and at a distance.